Food is one of the most basic needs of every individual. It is a source of strength that keeps us in a good working condition every day. It keeps us strong and healthy. It is what makes up our force in fulfilling our everyday routine. But what if you do not have access to food – particularly the healthy kind?
Not everyone in the community has a regular spread of delicious dishes on their dining table. Sometimes, they are lucky enough if they managed to grab a bite or two to eat at least once a day. There are even those who rely on the leftovers of other people just to fill in their hungry stomachs. It may not a good scene to envision, but this is the fact of life other people in our community face at present. This is why it is not anymore surprising that there are many who suffer from malnutrition.

Malnutrition is the state of health of an individual doesn’t meet the needed nutrition his/her body requires every day. This often results in deficiencies and imbalances in the body which is characterized by lower than average weight of an individual, sickly and pale complexion, and poor immune system, among others. Mostly, people who are affected by this are those homeless individuals living in the slums, families that are below the poverty threshold, and senior citizens living alone. Although the impact of malnutrition is obviously manifested on the physical aspect of an individual, let us not discount the fact that it also has a socio-economic impact on a community.

For instance, since malnutrition is proven to significantly affect the immunity of a person, this implies that they can get more susceptible to illnesses that may spread throughout the community. This also results in a higher mortality rate among pregnant women. Also, since malnutrition hampers the development of individuals especially children, and results in cognitive and growth delay, these most likely affect their learning process and performance in school. For people who are expected to be the hope of the future, this is by far below the expected performance from them.

This is what CCMI hopes to address. By tackling the issue of malnutrition, we are hoping to ensure that we have a better hope for the future. We do this from the comfort of our headquarter in Lee County.

How do we do this? Simple. We develop programs that help not only in educating the concerned individuals but help them get access to healthy foods as well. We conduct activities that help improve their health over time. These activities include feeding programs, open house feeding, garage market for grabs and others.

In our garage market for grabs, we create a small market in the area where they can get the must-needed supplies for food preparation at an extremely affordable price. Our garage door made by A1 Garage Door Service Houston is insulated and weather-stripped ensure that these supplies are not exposed to natural elements that may cause early decay. Also, our staff and volunteers here are always ready to help ensure that everything is in perfect condition.

In our every activity, we ensure that we meet the goals we set for this. Our main concern is to always produce a long-term effect on our recipients. We believe that by investing time and effort in this activities, we are helping to make a change we want to see in the world.