Transparency and complete honesty are what we always aim to give to the community. We always see to it that they understand our mission and vision for them to get more up close and personal with our advocacy and to instigate action among them. We have collated here all the frequently asked questions for your reference.  


What is the function of CCMI? 

CCMI is an organization that caters to the needs of individuals who are subjected to malnutrition and hunger. We have the vision to create a much better community where healthy food is accessible to everyone. Through our programs and activities, we hope to start this. We believe that making the first step to our goals, we are not just helping the community gain a better traction for a good future but we are also helping the country as a whole by improving the life of the people who live in it.  


What are the locations covered by CCMI? 

We started small only covering the Lee County in Florida. Through the help of our sponsors and volunteers, we have grown by leaps and bounds in just one year. We started covering households in the neighboring counties. Alabama and Georgia became our next target recipient states, and we are continuously expanding.  We hope that we will grow more to cover not just a number of states, but the whole USA as well.  


Can anyone be a member? 

Yes. Anyone can be a member of CCMI. You just need to apply for a membership with us. For more information on this, you can reach out to our customer service representatives. 


Is there a membership fee? 

Like any organization, we collect a membership fee annually. This is utilized as a fund for the operation of the organization. The allocation of the funds is accessible to all members of the organization for transparency.  


More questions? Feel free to reach out to us for more.