Community Council for Malnourishment Inc. has many different projects we regularly conduct within the community. 


Friday Feeding 

Friday Feeding refers to the feeding program we conduct every Fridays to different home shelters in the community. In them, we target individuals who are positive to our malnourishment test. Most often than not our recipients are still those children who age 7 and below although, there are also those who are as old as senior citizens. 

Every Friday for 3 months, CCMI staff and volunteers head to the recipient shelter with home cooked healthy meals prepared at the headquarters. There, they see to the needs of individuals who need additional nourishment. We record their improvement for reference. We bring physicians to take with us during these trips. This is to see tot their possible medical needs as well.  


Deliver-a-Nourishment Program 

This program is in-charge in ensuring that every family has access to healthy food and the right amount of nutrition. We provide healthy grocery supplies for more than 40 families in the community per week which weight differentiate depending on the number of family members in each household. Our target for this program are those families that do not reach the poverty threshold as per defined by the World Bank. These are usually the working poor and senior citizens living on their own.  


Adopt-a-Child-Nourishment Program 

This program encourages individuals to help in the rehabilitation of the nourishment of a child. This is more likely a personal project of an individual as they ensure by funding the daily feeding of a child, that he or she gets the right nourishment needed. You do not necessarily need to cook or be there per se. But you can be the one to fund it financially or buy the needed groceries for their food depending on the meal plan you will agree with our resident nutritionist.